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Earn Points

Enjoy the advantages that Green & White has to offer with our Cleaning Mileage Program.  For each time you use any of our services (E.E., Classic, and Premium), the mileage you earn could be used to pay less on your next dry cleaning bill.  So the more you use us, the more you save!  

10% of your dry cleaning order amount will convert into points and be added to your mileage.  The value for 1 Cleaning Mileage Point would be $.01. Thus a cleaning mileage of 100 points will have the value of $1.00.  For example, Mr. Joe Clean brings in $10.00 worth of dry cleaning.  Ten percent of $10.00 would be $1.00; therefore Mr. Joe Clean will have 100 cleaning mileage points that he could use towards his next cleaning bill.  The next time Mr. Joe Clean comes to bring in dry cleaning, he will have to pay a dollar less because of the mileagehe earned from the previous time.  It's easy! 

You do not have to use your mileage for only your next cleaning bill; instead you can save up cleaning mileage points and build up your mileage for  later use!  Consider another case, Mr. Joe Clean saves upto 450 cleaning mileage point ($4.50)!  He then decides to use these mileage points on his next $10.00 dry cleaning and the total then comes to $5.50.  The amount of cleaning mileage points that Mr. Joe Clean earns for the cleaning would be 55 points (55 cents).  When you use your mileage, the amount of points that you earn will be calculated based on the total amount you pay AFTER the cleaning mileage points have been deducted.   
If you think that our cleaning mileage program is great, then try our Refer-A-Friend program.  For each friend you get to become a member through our Green & White website, you and each of your friends that register will all receive 1000 CLEANING MILEAGE POINTS ($10.00 value)! Is that not a great deal and reason for you to try our service? 

Your mileage can be used and accessed only through our website.  On the pickup request form, just simply click on "My Mileage".  Your mileage can be combined and used with other promotional coupons for the same order (NOTE: ALL COUPONS ARE ONLY VALID UNTIL EXPIRATION DATE). A mileage history is also available on the websiteto check your cleaning mileage points. So do not delay!  It is time to take advantage of our benefits right now!

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