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Dry Cleaning Process

When your clothes come to Green & White for cleaning,  each garment follows a certain procedure. 
1. Invoice Processing
Your garments are counted and  seperated (suits, dress, etc.), then they are each assigned  a tag number. All this information will be stored on a  computer database and on a printed invoice with the  customer's name and any other needed information. 
2. Tagging and Inspection
Small paper tags or labels  with numbers on them are fastened on to the clothes.  Each paper tag is assigned a unique number. This is used  to identify your clothes to avoid confusion with other  garments. The clothes are also inspected for broken   /missing buttons, rips/tears, etc.  If there are any "defections", the customer will be notified  to receive consent to clean the clothes.  
3. Pre-treating Stains (Spotting)
This is when stains  are found on garments. Our experienced spotter serches  for stains and treats them with professional stain  removing tools (using steam, water, air, vacuum, and  chemical preparations) to make the removal much easier  when put inside our dry cleaning machine. 
4. Dry Cleaning
After "spotting" the stains, the  garments are then placed inside a machine that rotates  the clothes in a perforated basket. A constant flow of  clean cleaning solvents are pumped into the basket and  filtered. 
5. Post-Spotting
When the clothes are taken out of the  machine, they are taken to a Spotter for any remaining  stains found. A majority if not all the stains will be  removed, but please be aware that there is always a small  percent of very stubborn stains that may not entirely be  removed. This is due to various reasons such as: (Tanning Stains set by heat and time, Original dye stripped or faded, Bleached-out spots or faded-by-sun materials, Foreign dye deposits.)
6. Finishing
"pressing",  (where the wrinkles are taken out and creases are made),  folding, and packaging the clothes.  Our garment care  specialist is working hard to make your garment looking  better.

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