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Overall Process

Pickup Order
With your ID number, give us a call at our toll free number 1-800-400-9448 and request for a pickup. Please call us before 10:00 AM for a same day ppickup. During off hours, we will provide an answering machine to take in your order. We require 3 working days to complete the service. We also provide 2 day emergency service with 20% extra charge.

Item List
This is vert important! With every delivery, you will receive a form attached to your receipt. Please fill it out and put it in your cleaning bag. this is for your protection in case any garments are reported lost or damaged. Andother good idea is to mark your cleaning bag with "Green and White" with your ID number. We will not be reponsible for any garments without this item list.

C.O.D Customers
Due to unneccessary delivery stops, we are asking all C.O.D customers to give us a call one day before the delivery to find out how much your C.P.D is, If our driver shows up to make the delivery and there is no check to exchange, then asurcharge of $5.00 will be billed to your account. Hopefully, this will avoid making unnecessary trips and to sqeed up the delivery.

Credit Card

By signing the agreement, you are authorizing us to charge your credit card along with itemized receipts.


We will provide insurance for any type of garments. There will be a 1% surcharge of the garment's value. Please use the comment section on th Item List to estimate value of the item. 100% of the estimate value will be insured, otherwise 10 times the cleaning fee will be insured.

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