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  There are two very common mistakes that people make when selecting the right dry cleaner for them. These mistakes may be costing you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Here they are along with suggestions on how to avoid them. 
Costly Mistake #1:
Believing That All Dry Cleaners Do The Same Quality of Work  Not true. Spot and stain removal is an art. That's why I prefer to think of myself as a fabric-care expert, rather than a dry cleaner. Different cleaners use spot-removal technicians with varying expertise and training. Unfortunately, a poorly trained technician may not recognize the cause of the stain, or the proper spot-removal solution to use for that fabric. This results in a stain that becomes permanent as well as a costly garment that has been ruined.  That's why I use only highly skilled spot-removal technicians who receive constant training to stay on top of the latest spot removal breakthroughs. If you want your clothes to come out bright, odor-free and the same color they were when you bought them, be sure to ask your dry cleaner how often they test and purify their cleaning solution. Solvent that isn't frequently purified is very harsh and destroys the fiber in your garment, shortening their life. It also cause your white shirts and garments to turn gray. This damage is irreversible!  At White and White Cleaners, our state-of-the-art equipment continuously purifies and filters our environmentally responsible cleaning solution. This also ensures your clothes to come out bright, fresh smelling and odor free. Your clothes should never smell like dry cleaning solvent! 
Costly Mistake #2:
Believing Frequent Dry Cleaning Shortens The Life Of Your Garments.  On the contrary, frequent cleaning prolongs the life of a garment. Not only stains set with age, making the garment unwearable, but ground-in dirt and soil act as an abrasive, like sand paper, causing rapid wear of fibers. Also insects loved soiled clothes and will cause further damage.  A study conducted by North Carolina State University showed no negative effect on fabrics from regular dry cleaning. And numerous studies have shown that dry cleaning is the most effective and least expensive mean to reduce dust mite allergens and relieve allergy and asthma symptoms.    
5 Tips For Making Your Clothes Last Longer And Look Their Best:
1. Tell your cleaner everything you know about a stain. Even if the stain is obvious, tell your dry cleaner everything you know about it, including the staining substance, any home-stain removal attempts and how long ago the stain occurred.
2. Don't allow a stain to set in. The sooner a stained garment is cleaned, the more likely the stain can be removed. It will set the stain and drive the soil deeper in to the fabric, Never rub a stain, only blot it, do not stained or soiled clothes. 
3. Tell your cleaner about any "invisible" stains. Sometimes stains seem to disappear when they dry(white wines, soft drinks, etc). It's important to pint out all stains to your cleaner. They'll know how to treat the invisible or lightly-stained areas prior to cleaning. 
4. Don't store your clothes in a plastic bag. The plastic bag your dry cleaners uses is only to protect your garment on your way home. If you leave it on, it provides a gathering place for moths and other insects. Have items cleaned prior to storing them and do not keep them in places where there is excessive heat or moisture, such as attics or basements.
5. Have matching pieces cleaned together. Matching pieces in suits, skirts, shirts, and even drapes and bedspread should be cleaned at the same time. Normal fading may occur that the dry cleaners cannot control. Even a slight change could ruin the set.

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